Witralux is the result of a business relationship of many years between the current operational manager Jacques Neumann and the co-owner Harold Wijnands. We  decided to start a business to address the increasing demands for flexible transport.

Their employees’ years of experience with leading transport companies enabled them to help Witralux develop into a fully-fledged transport provider. At Witralux, clients are treated with respect and transport is carried out with the utmost attention to the clients' wishes.

Witralux has approximately fifteen  vehicles of its own.  In addition to steel, we also transport palletized products.  We have a great many contacts in the transport world, including charters, subcontractors, and clients, and this is a large part of why we are so successful. We can respond to demand quickly and efficiently, and we can offer our clients a level of capacity which can even meet the needs of the large, well-known businesses which work with us.

Witralux Interviews